Before I delve into what web traffic is all about, there is something I need to highlight.

As a budding entrepreneur, owning a website in this digital age is definitely a smart move. It is why your customers will never tag you unprofessional.

However, while you might want to relax in your oasis with this ‘smart move’ of yours, there is a much greater task to be done. This has to do with keeping your cyberspace vibrant and attractive to those virtual visitors.

It is believed that underestimating the power of unlimited web traffic to your business is joking with the opportunities that you have. The opportunities will help generate qualified leads, help solve customers problems,  and continue to grow your business.

Driving web traffic to your site is an organic process that could take time. However, while you may not be a digital sleuth yourself, here are our top five best practices that will help you drive relevant traffic to your website in no time.

Leverage Your Social Media Accounts

Social media is one fantastic means to drive web traffic. This is largely because people spend a lot of time on these networks, and this automatically makes them potential clients. This medium helps to boost your visibility by engaging viewers and offering them useful, and relevant content. With it, you can hold surveys, ask questions and connect directly with your desired audience thereby increasing customer retention and brand loyalty.

You don’t necessarily have to be on all the social media channels. Target the ones that best help you accomplish your aim. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for instance are great mediums for B2C (business to customer) type interactions. Pinterest and Instagram are best for visual elements (photographs, info-graphics and anything visually appealing).

A large group of people liking, sharing your content and following your social media pages can significantly drive traffic to your website.

Write and Update Content Regularly

Writing insatiable contents on your website will keep the visitors coming back for more. You also stand a better chance if your content is engaging. When writing content, you should be targeting specific people that can benefit your brand – think future customers, advocates, and partners. These visitors will help share your content thereby helping to promote your site for free.

This is why Content is King!

Never also forget to carry out regular historical refreshes of your content, especially if some of them have long expired. It is important that your customers meet your website up to date.

Branch Out

Guest posting lets you reach another brand’s audience and “borrow” their platform for your post. It is a great means to drive web traffic, increase sales, and grow your brand through reaching a broader audience. Also, by answering questions on Quora and publishing posts on Medium and Reddit, you would be positioning your brand as a thought leader in your industry.

However, while ‘branching out‘ do well to: Post the best quality content.

Post an article on your industry niche and add related article links from your own website.

Take Comments Sections Seriously

Replying comments might be quite burdensome at times. But it is important to note that taking time to give an answer that provides real value to people is a huge ROI. Comments are subtle user generated content and can be filled with long tail keywords. This might just be what you need to rank better and give a boost to your website traffic.

They also improve social shares, enrich your internal linking and ultimately increase sales.

Learn a little more about SEO

If you’re new to the world of online marketing, then SEO may seem a bit mysterious. Learning the basics about Search Engine Optimization(SEO) does your brand a great deal of good. These basics can be learnt by anyone and can be applied to your content to increase web traffic from organic search. Find a good course or audio-book about SEO and learn about it.

A good understanding of SEO would literally supercharge your desired results!