Today, let’s talk about paid advertising as regards ecommerce.


Every promotion promises to increase your reach and increases the sales your eCommerce site can make. You sink in the money and you find out that the result is not quite what it seems. When it comes to eCommerce sales, it is usually a dicey game. You can spend a ton and sink it into paid advertising and you might not see a lot of sales.


However, there are a few secrets that you can imbibe into your eCommerce site that will send your sales skyrocketing. It is often said that secrets are best kept in the open and that is why some of these secrets may seem known to you, at least on a superficial level. What will make the difference is that you put these secrets to use and stay consistent with it:


Ready for these secrets? Let’s do this!


Show, don’t tell

With paid advertising, you have the leverage that your products would be viewed by people who would not be viewing your product on a normal day. However, everyone is used to being told what a product can do for them. It is time to jettison that, show them what the product can do for them. Rather than have written testimonials, you can opt for video testimonials. When you show rather than tell your prospects what your product can do for them, it defines their experience and if you craft the right experience, you can win a customer for life.


Reminder on the sales page

The remarkable thing about ads is that it works, at least that is how they are marketed. In reality, paid advertising works too but what happens when people get on your sales page and they don’t get what they want? What happens if something in the middle of their getting on your page and they have to step away from their phone? A simple reminder on your sales page can do a lot of magic in this scenario. Reminders can do wonders for recurrent customers and can also convert first-time customers as well. There are ways you can automate your reminders with the push of a button.


Never stop marketing

The fact that you have opted in for paid advertising doesn’t mean you should laze off and stop marketing. It is the more reason why you should work on your marketing even more. You are getting in front of different demography of people. It is time to buckle up on your email or SMS marketing, make use of push notifications and modify your content to appeal to as much of your audience and get them to make the purchase. Paid advertising also places you on a curve where you can test what works for one audience. As an eCommerce site, you could try out A or B testing with your landing page and look up your metrics to see what works the most. Paid advertising is not a vacation ticket, it is an invitation to scale your marketing to the next level.


Use the scarcity strategy

There is something about scarce commodities, people pay a premium for them. There is an innate desire of man to have what others don’t have. It drives plenty of people, so when you employ the scarcity strategy, it always works. There is a satisfaction that a customer gets when he orders the last piece of an item that is available, you can utilize this to drive sales. When you have only a few pieces of an item available, indicate the specific number left and you will see demand for it soar. Another secret off the arsenal! If things work the right way, you can even decide to increase the price a bit and you will still find the demand increase.


Track the touchpoints and leverage it

People don’t just land on your sales page and buy a product. There are a couple of touchpoints between where there are and where they ended up buying the product. There are services that could help you find out those data. Such customer data can then be leveraged to increase your sales even further.


Don’t allow your paid advertisement spending go to waste, ramp up your sales by utilizing these secrets. Do you need help running paid advertising campaigns? Talk to us today!