There’s just so much to benefit from using social media to grow your email list. We all know how effective social media has proven over and over again but here’s the thing!

While most companies get so excited about their multiple likes and growing online community, they almost forget to harness the power in their email list.

Beyond doubts, social media platforms hold the prerogative to delete your account without necessarily consulting you. Therefore banking on your client’s email address is your worthy advantage. You’ll have no reason to bite those fingers when the unexpected happens.

So, before we jump right into sharing our actionable tips, we would want you to know a few things about emails.

Email addresses are a doorway to a person’s life.

The average worker receives or sends about 121 emails per day. In fact, almost a third of an employee’s workday is spent on email. This is why, every single time a client’s click leads to your site, be sure to always dish something steaming of value. They would in turn give you something of value — their email address.

In other words, we’re saying that value perception is essential here. If your clients do not feel comfortable with the value you offer, then asking for their email addresses might be asking for too much.

Let’s find out 5 effective ways you can use to turn your social media followers into email leads…

Organize Twitter Chats

When you host a chat or conversation on Twitter, you are gradually starting to grow your online community. With time, you would have successfully built an empire of dedicated and interested groups of potential email lists. It is advisable, however, that chat sessions come in a value pack and must definitely be worth the time. You can tweet out the link during chat periods using the hashtags. Users who sign up for your email list would automatically access the lead magnet.

Leverage Facebook Ads

A Facebook Ad when done properly is the quickest means to getting email leads from your social media platform in no time. While you only need to pay a token to promote your page on Facebook, the benefits are endless. By carefully optimizing your ad, and being able to strategically target your demography (thanks to Facebook!) you will surely convert your interested audience to email leads.

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Get Interactive on LinkedIn

You can set up your own LinkedIn group and work on building a network of like minded individuals interested in your skills. You could begin with optimizing your profile to suite the audience you’re trying to attract. Next up is posting great articles and topics that are engaging and interactive. Remember to also outsource would-be customers with LinkedIn’s advanced search features and connect with them. With this, you’re laying the foundation for a personalized relationship and warming up for the “real deal”. Make offers to join your email list in exchange for something valuable and free (a lead magnet) and thank us later. It works!

Gate Your Content

You might be well aware that good content is a powerful lead magnet but how do you harness this to grow your email list? It’s quite simple! Gate your content! A Gated content is simply content that isn’t revealed until the visitor enters their email address. A pop-up is not as annoying as you might think If you strategize your offer and develop an ideal exchange your customers will love. You will find them willingly handing over their email address like you own them. So, here’s a piece of advice friends: Be generous with your good content but not at the expense of nothing.

Host a Giveaway/Contest

The idea of hosting a giveaway or contest will never go extinct. Many older companies can tell of it’s amazing benefits without mincing words. This is usually the case because people love to compete and doing it all on social media is totally fun. The more you get people to compete, the more social shares you will generate, and the more opt-ins you will get. You could start by announcing your contest on social media along with a photo of the prize up for grabs. Then make use of hashtags, and a link to a landing page that requires them to enter their email address in order to participate. Simple! In the end, you’ll find out that your giveaway was nothing compared to the leads you’ve just acquired.