Now let’s talk about Video Marketing!

The talk is often loud when it comes to how social media has changed the face of businesses especially in the world we live in today. Everyone hails how a store on the corner can compete, at least to an extent with the biggest conglomerates in the world because of the leverage the internet in general and social media, in particular has given to every business. It is often a surprise that videos are not spoken about in such light as well. However, welcome to Video Marketing.

A digital arsenal is no good if video is not one of the weapons in that arsenal. This is because video marketing in the new internet age is not just one of those things you need, it is the key weapon you need if you want to win.

Did you know that video accounted for 70% of all internet traffic in 2019?

Every search you make on Google has two videos for every text option you see. This shows you that videos are very potent weapons and they convert too. Let us put this in perspective; YouTube reaches more 18-49 year old in the US much more than cable TV does. This places you in the driver seat; you can reach much more people than ever in the history of the internet. The good thing is, it is only going to get better.

And here is how you can get started….


Who are your target audience?

You can’t just make videos because everyone is making it, you have to know why you are making videos and who you are making it for. Once you know who your target audience are, making videos for them is not going to be much of a stress.


What is the goal of your Video Marketing campaign?

Why are you making the video? Do you intend to build brand awareness or you want to launch a new product? The end point of making videos will be to make sales, of course. Ultimately, where would you want your customers to go to after they watch the video? You have to figure out the goal of making your video.


Where are you hosting your video?

Your best bet would be YouTube, of course. You could choose to host your video elsewhere though, depending on the audience you are trying to reach and where they are on the internet.


Where does that put your business, what does it mean for you?

With 5G getting operational in several countries of the world, the digital weapon that video is places you at a great advantage. It doesn’t matter how small your business is, you can deploy to your aid. From infographic videos to explainer videos, video marketing can help your client bond better with you.


How would you feel if you were shown a video of the behind the scenes of the making of your favorite car? It would feel as though you were there and you understand everything there is about that car. How likely are you to share that video with your friends? Very likely, right?


That is what video marketing can do for your brand; with the right effort, you can have your videos on the right screen and you can convert more prospects.

We would love to hear  your thoughts as regards Video Marketing in the new internet age, do not hesitate to drop us a comment below!