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About Marketing Equals Customers Inc®


We are a company with several years of experience in digital marketing and brand management. Our major focus as a company is to help you build a reputable brand online as well as maintain a very strong online presence which gives your company or business an edge over its competitors. Besides, we are known to build a good working relationship with our clients and ensure that their services are offered to the taste of the business demand. We also ensure that all kinds of information received and sent are well kept and secured. Your satisfaction is our priority and that’s a policy we hold strongly in the services we render.


We offer a wide variety of services ranging from;

Social Media Marketing

It may interest you to know that Facebook alone has over 2 billion users; Instagram also has over 800 million. What does this tell us? We did say a clear indication that social media is no longer becoming but “NOW” the market place of the Internet age but just having a social media account does not mean it is easy to get people to like and desire your service, hence, this is where we come in, to help you apply the right tools to build a very strong social media presence.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We can help you rank better on search engines so that when your business or service is checked online, they appear amongst the top listed information. High ranking on search engines means that your business will have a wider exposure as more and more people look for services you offer. This has immense benefits if properly and effectively done and you can trust no better company to do this than Marketing Equals Customers Inc. because that’s our speciality.

E-mail Marketing

There is no better way to directly communicate with customers than to use a means the customers cannot do without. This has to do with the promotion of goods or services through the use of emails to reach current customers as well as potential ones. The goal is to develop a good relationship with the customers and in the long run, establish customers’ loyalty to your brand.

PPC Marketing

PPC basically means Pay-per-click and is a type of advertising where the search engine is used to generate clicks to your website. These adverts usually appear as sponsored ads when you search for information on search engines as you get to pay a small fee when these ads are being clicked. The benefits are enormous, one of which the advertiser is able to track the amount of money spent on advertisement and is able to save cost. You don’t have to put millions of money on radio and television adverts when you really know that people no longer sit in front of the T.V. set.

Other services offered are Keyword Research, Google Analytics, PPC Management, Google Tag Manager, Website Design, A/B Testing e.t.c.


The success of every digital marketing campaign lies strongly on the strategy applied. We know exactly what strategy fits your business and have the right tools to put your business at the forefront. We continue to develop and utilize the best strategies to monitor your business so that the outcome will suit your business abiding strictly by your company’s goals and objectives.


Everybody! It does not matter whether you operate a small business or an established one, We are capable to handle everything for you. We employ the services of certified digital marketing executives to help facilitate the achievement of brand goals and objectives. We offer quality services to banks, restaurants, Government Agencies, Sports Teams, Tech Companies, Celebrities, Manufacture, Service-based companies, Fortune 500 Companies etc.

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The Marketing Equals Customers is committed to protecting the privacy of our users’ personal information. To better protect your privacy, we have instituted the security and privacy practices outlined in this policy. We provide this notice explaining our information practices and the choices you can make about the way your information is used. Our privacy policy contains the following information: