There is a game called content marketing. Let’s play the game!


To run a business in this day and age and not be aware of the enormous power that content marketing wields will be a misnomer; misinformation of great proportion. Things have changed in the business world so much that companies and businesses are on the lookout for content marketing strategies that can place at an advantage over their competition.


Content is king! True but not all business deploying content become kingmakers. It is only a fact. The big question businesses must answer sincerely today is ‘how exactly can I leverage my content to my advantage?’  The answer to this question can be different from one brand to another, however, these steps listed can aid you in leveraging your content:


Work on your tone

A lot has been said about branding across different platforms; only a few people talk about the tone of your content. How would you feel if you go on a website and you find a logo and a color scheme, you go on the business social media pages and you find a different logo and colour scheme? That would be disgusting, right?

That is the same thing when you are not consistent in your content tone. It doesn’t matter if you work on your content alone or you have a team of content creators, your tone must be consistent. You have to pick a tone and stay consistent with it.

All of the members on your content team must be aware of your tone and they must be ready to create content in line with the same. If you don’t stay consistent with your tone, your audience will get bounced off. Over time, people will be able to automatically recognize your content and reconcile it with your brand.


Create a vertically integrated content scheme

If you are looking at leveraging your content and using it to your advantage, you must create a vertically integrated content scheme. You cannot write about everything, you have to pick the things you can write about and that will benefit your customer base. Ensure that your contents build on each other and can be read to further advance knowledge in your chosen niche.

Say you are in the photography business and you are looking at using content marketing to scale. If you are interested in the wedding photography niche and you do your first article on things to look out for before your wedding shoot your next article should advance on that knowledge. You can’t go from that first topic to talking about different types of cameras. That is not going to cut it; it is content but it lacks vertical integration and you can easily lose your prospects along the line.


Your content must give value

This cannot be stressed enough, every content regardless of the form you are delivering it in must give value. A lot of brands are quick to divide content into the different aspect, they claim some are to drive sales, some others are to give value to the customers. What a lot of these brands do not know is that it is possible to align your content within the cross-hair of providing value and driving sales or conversion at the same time. People will only read blogs, watch videos, listen to podcasts and read emails that add value to them. It doesn’t have to always be about you, the customers care only about themselves and that is the reality.


Be sincere

The cornerstone of every great content strategy is sincerity. When you are done with your content, ask yourself, would I stop whatever I am doing to share this content? If your answer is yes, then you might have created the fire content you need to leverage. If your sincere answer is no, then you might need to go back to the drawing board. The virality of your content is dependent on whether people can stop ad share your content.



Content marketing is the wind that is capable of propelling your business to the next level but are you sure you have hoisted your mast in the right direction? Your content strategy is a necessity. Do share your thoughts with us as we would love to hear from you.