Story telling………………

I would like us all to be brutally honest, at least for the purpose of this article. When was the last time you read a mail that was in your promotions folder?

Come on! When was the last time?


Let’s be frank with ourselves, it is pretty boring to read e-mails, especially unsolicited emails. This is one of the major reasons why several email strategies don’t work. It’s not because they are not well implemented but because most of the targets will not open the mail.


The question then is, what can you do to turn that around? As a business person, that should be your thought, your field of reasoning. Your business is not the only one that mails customers; research shows that the average person receives about seven unsolicited mails a day. How do you want to stand out of the pack and not get thrown into the thrash like all others? One sure fire way of getting people to open their mail is to tell a story.


Storytelling is a fundamental part of the human experience. It is the reason why we gathered close to our granny’s fireplace in the cold evenings as children. It is the reason why several are on social media today. Stories are that important, that we go out of our own way to listen to it. Think about your favorite TV show or book, ask yourself why you should care if Arya Stark survives or dies? The answer is in a single clause, storytelling.


The good news is, you can explore that in your business email as well. You can create that impossible to drop email by fusing in the incredible power of storytelling. For starters, it might look somehow, but you are going to get better at it and you will be creating sensational emails in no time.


Get into it from the beginning

You shouldn’t wait until the second paragraph of the mail before you bring on your A-game. You should start your story telling from the very first sentence, once you capture the reader’s attention, you have it. The first sentence is usually the hardest to write because it sets a tone for the entire mail.

Be relatable

In telling a story, be relatable. For beginners, you should talk about yourself or a memory that is quite common and relatable. There is a feeling of nostalgia that comes with that, so instead of telling an abstract story, tell one that the readers can feel. Don’t be afraid to tell your readers about yourself, it helps you to authenticate your story.

Tie it to your CTA

You shouldn’t just tell a story and then get back into a gruffy and grumpy business as usual. You should find a way to tie the story on to your call to action and get your readers to do what you will want them to do. Stories are powerful and compelling, in the right hands, stories sell a lot.


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