Can I ask you a question?  What’s your success rate on Facebook ads?


If you are a Facebook ads Pro, perhaps you did love to check out our other blog posts. But if you are not, you might want to grab a seat. Who knows, you just might find out that which you have been doing wrong.


Beyond every doubt, paid adverts, social media advertising and sales marketing ought to be catchy, creative and concise. Running Facebook ads and promotions are primarily for the purpose of getting more sales. Therefore, this goal should not be sidelined for other aims quite insignificant. It’s a fact that social media advertising comes with a lot of traffic for your business or service website. It generates a larger audience, and of course fetching sales of whatever goods or products you have to offer.


What more?

Statistics have confirmed that over the years, Facebook ads has become one of the best methods. We wouldn’t be wrong if we say it is  the most used networks for e-commerce advertising; sales have been promoted via Facebook ads.


So what have you been doing wrong?

Despite this known fact, many are still unable to reach their target audience. This is either due to wrong target audience or what have you. But in subsequent headings, we would be looking at the costly and common Facebook advertising mistakes.



Entrepreneurs and business owners need to be aware that just as you follow up on a client or customer during an offline sale (i.e one on one physical sale), you should also follow up on and check both the activity and sales of an online advert or publicity.

It is very important to analyze your feedback on a running advert, compare the prices of each ad, it’s effectiveness, relevance and insight. Social media insights imply the record of directions, views and traffic your product or services has gotten through a particular advert. This insights help to cross check whether or not to continue a particular form of advert publicity.

Also, the inability to know the amount of comments, discussion and engagement an advert has, also ruins effective sales.



Advertisers need to understand the concept of ‘Ad fatigue’. It means a certain product has popped on too many times. The concept is this:

  • Facebook users see a very nice, catchy and concise advert
  • They engage (either by liking, follow your page, commenting, requesting to see more,etc).
  • They see the same ad a couple of times more
  • Once again, the ad explores in their feed. At this point, a form of disinterest sets in. It becomes bothersome as against when it was ‘catchy’.




There is a need to understand that running too many ads at the same time would not increase sales, instead there is a tendency to forget or not follow up on an ad. For example, an ad that brings about 10,000 plus engagements over a period of two weeks is fine, but in a situation whereby this figure is gotten from 200 promoted adverts, it is almost impossible for one person to follow up on all the 200 adverts and individually viewing its engagements. Viewing engagements helps an advertiser to know the strength and weakness of the advert.



When running Facebook adverts, understand that you can employ other social media channels to promote your publicity. Nowadays, even when you are promoting a post on Facebook, you can link your Instagram page for example to the post, making you visible to even Instagram users. Statistics have shown that 50% of the people that use Facebook also use Instagram, making your audience larger.



The saying that you use money to make money is true. If you want something of good quality, be willing to spend your money. Many of the low budget promotions you do do not yield any form of engagements or publicity. It is important to be guided while running adverts.


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