Yes, you have started your business and marketing it seems to be going smoothly. There is a lot of great contents and customers keep visiting your website and buying your products. Your business is gradually becoming a big-time business. So, you think nothing can go wrong.


But suddenly, everything seems to go south. The customers you had stopped visiting your website and asking for your products. Why does this happen and how do you solve this problem? Perhaps you haven’t unlocked one secret marketing weapon – happy customers.


Nowadays, people no longer look at the selling point of products and services. They now focus on reviews and the level of customer satisfaction. In a survey done in 2018, marketers were placed as one of the must unreliable groups of people in the world. People are more skeptical and no one wants to be given substandard products. That’s why they rely more on the comments and advice of other people. To surmount this challenge of retaining customers and getting new ones, you have to first understand the hidden power of a happy customer.


The Hidden Power of a Happy Customer

All customers have at least one family member, friend or colleague, and marketing thrives on this fact. It’s far easier to trust a family member or a friend than a total stranger. Surely, you’ve used a product and recommended it to a friend or colleague, friend or your family. This is something that you intuitively do to help them make the right choice, and most times they believe your opinion on that product. The only reason you recommended that product is because you’re a happy customer.


For example, you have a current customer base of 1000 people with social media and other forms of communication. Those customers have a potential reach of at least 10,000 people. And those 10,000 people could become customers if your initial customers are satisfied and happy with your company. The world has changed and almost anyone can advocate with a wide reach. Don’t sleep on it. Tap from the power of your customers!


Making Use of Your Customers as a Marketing Strategy

From the advent of the internet and various online platforms, marketing strategies have continued to evolve. But the challenge is no longer just getting customers but retaining existing ones and then getting more customers. Today, the secret has been revealed. Here’s how you can make your customers work for you.

  • Get feedback and put up the good reviews:

    Use platforms like emails, live chats and feedback forms to monitor the satisfaction level of your customers and gain insight on ways to improve your service or product. You can put up favorable reviews from satisfied clients as well-deserved medals of honor on your website’s homepage.


  • Reply as soon as possible

    It’s important to note that swift response is also essential in customer satisfaction. Make information readily available, because a customer in dire need of a product or service might not recommend you to another person even if your product is good, if he/she doesn’t get a response on time.


  • Social Media:

    Social media, even though called a weapon of mass distraction, has its benefits and has become one of the greatest digital marketing tools. Its reach is next to limitless, making many people buy into its use. In this day and age, almost anybody can use social media and your business can use it too. Companies can now engage with their customers by posting relatable and entertaining content to create a relationship with them. They also encourage their customers to tag, like, retweet and post their reviews. Although some customers might not be satisfied with your product or service and may vent their displeasure on social media, this can be salvaged with proper and swift responses that will satisfy the customer. When this is done, people will see your company as a problem solving and proactive one, thereby attracting more people to your business.


  • Quality customer service:

    Ensure that you have a set-up to meet the special needs of customers and handle every complaint. A customer whose issue was well handled is more likely to return and even recommend your services.


Satisfying your customers and keeping them happy is not optional if you’re looking to grow and improve your business. Happy customers can be your tool for massive business promotion. So while you work on improving your products and services, you must also learn to use the satisfaction of your current customers to draw in others in dire need of what you have to offer. No customer, no business. Therefore, happy customer, happy business.