Many times, people say email marketing is crude and gone, but did you know that for every $1 you spend on emails marketing, you can expect an average return of $42 (DMA, 2019). 

That was just a real fact and now that I have your attention, can we get to the real deal?

No doubts, there’s a tonne of email marketing benefits, however, innovation is inevitable, which leads us to a new email tool that is likely to change the email marketing game – HEY.


What is HEY?

HEY, is a novel email tool invented by the creators of Basecamp with the sole intention to make personal email experience better. It is an easier tool that was built with the aim of solving the inadequacies of other email tool. It puts you in control of your email and helps your email experience. However, the problem of customer obsession is solved with, HEY, as it is focused on user experience.


Unlike many other complicated tools, it is an easier tool that saves you the stress of the modern tracking system deployed by some email marketers. The main focus of HEY, is pertinent to email Marketers, which include  100% privacy and Zero tracking. Meanwhile, one of the amazing fact about mails is the unknown ads that invade your privacy. Beyond doubts, Gmail is oftentimes occupied with ads and spams and a lot of trackers are out there and all they are concerned about is getting more customers. Well, HEY, helps with user experience and you can erase those newsletters you didn’t subscribe to using HEY. Sometimes, you can be flabbergasted at a questionnaire popping up and you barely can remember going through the site the questionnaire is coming from or the ad link. HEY, is clear-headed, discrete, and on your terms. Nobody finds you unless you want to be found. 


Interestingly, HEY, is not lackadaisical about your interest. It ensures you are getting the letters you have subscribed for. Using HEY will coordinate your newsletters. If at all, some letters are coming in, your consent will be required. It’s quite efficient at keeping to details of your taste. That is, you get exactly what you have subscribed for.


Conversation vs. Information 

How about those tonnes of messages and newsletters without being able to differentiate them? This novel email tool, HEY, states a clear difference between messages and newsletter, giving users a good experience.


So what’s the future of email marketing?

While innovation is inevitable in the marketing world, adaptation cannot be overemphasized. It is believed that email marketers would be on the move to redesigning their email marketing strategy so as to align with the ongoing trends, and also, we expect the key players in the email industry to also make some changes to the effect.


However, with this innovations, you can still trust us to conceptualize a perfect email marketing strategy that works.