Something tells me you are really thinking about how to edit your content for SEO.


Chances are high that you have an article on your blog that is really good and engaging but is not gathering enough visits. Everyone has been in that rut at one point or the other. Here is the thing, a good article or blog post is not going to put itself out there and it is important you know how to edit your content for SEO. What does the job for you is Search Engine Optimization.


SEO is like putting your phone number into every phone book that is on the planet. It will do a lot of good for your article by allowing more people to see it. The biggest search engine in the world, Google does this by using Keywords. Getting your article to rank seems like a hard time, it does not have to be.


How do you whip your article in shape?

Whether a new article you are just getting started on or an old one you are looking to repurpose in order to make it rank higher, these hacks can help you get started:


Wait! Why on earth are you writing?

What endears anyone to your writing is the fact that you are addressing their pain point. Are you educating them via your post? Are you giving information they consider valuable? While it is true that your post doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, it must be giving value regardless and once this is in place, you can go on to check for others. You should also check for grammatical and spelling errors, no one wants to read a piece riddled with errors.

Keep It Simple

You must be aware that people don’t have all the time in the world, as such, you must keep your post simple and straight to the point. This implies that you have to do away with technical jargon that is relevant to only your industry. Once your post ranks, you can be sure that it will be seen by people from all walks of life, so write for this audience. One of the hacks that can help you with brevity is drafting an outline before you start writing.

Keep it together

No one is going to read your post if your writing isn’t well put together and this is important if you really want to know how to edit your content for SEO. The use of subheadings will help you maintain the flow of your writing. With subheadings, you can keep the reader focused on only one part of the article at a time, ensuring that they are following you as close as possible.


Getting your article to rank

If you want your article to rank, you must do more than just the conventional writer. Your currency to rankings is ‘keywords’. Take keywords are hotspots and phrases that people are talking about and searching. The following will help you to rank:

Find your keywords before you start

Keywords are your currency to ranking and it is essential to know the keywords you want to rank for before you even start writing. If you have not decided on any particular keywords, you can check out to find the keywords that are ranking the highest. Once you have made that decision, it is time to start working on your outline.

It is not Christmas chicken – don’t stuff it

Your article is not a Christmas chicken, don’t stuff it with keywords. Using keywords throughout your post inappropriately will only compound issues. First, the readability will reduce and that will turn human readers away. With increased Artificial Intelligence capabilities, even the bots that crawl your site to rank it will easily see through your trick. When you use keywords naturally, everyone wins.

Be concerned about user experience

SEO will be entirely useless if you are not concerned about your user experience. Ensure you use short sentences. You should also be as brief as possible with your handling of paragraphs. Your entire post should be easy on the eyes and easy to read as well.

Pay attention to the details

SEO is dependent on more than just keywords. While your post should be well written and keywords used naturally, you should know that SEO is a long-term game. You should also ensure that you use backlinks within your posts. It boosts your SEO rankings. Pictures and other visuals can also be optimized for SEO.


In the end, how to edit your content for SEO shouldn’t be a problem at all. For further help on how to rank for SEO, please reach out to here or feel free to drop a comment below.