Only very few things compare to when people get gifts from a particular brand they like; it doesn’t matter how sentimental the gift is, customers or prospects will love to have them. This has led to the advent of social media contests and the rave that usually accompanies is justified. There are a number of ways brands can leverage on social media contests in order to fully benefit from the engagement.


Unlike other forms of digital marketing, social media contests promises equal chances to everyone involved. The principles and rules set beforehand is what determines the winner. Even at that, the brand still win new customers and they can also run prospects through the marketing funnel; everyone wins with social media contests.


It is not enough to know the how of using social media contest to grow your brand, it is also instructive to know the why. Here are a few reasons why using social media contests to grow your brand is actually a good idea:

Increase Brand awareness

Every brand aims to be known by as many people as possible, this is because brand awareness is a key index in measuring the growth of your brand. Digitally, you can increase your brand awareness by throwing a social media contest. All of the retweets, regran and likes will ensure that others can see your brand and get familiar.

Grow your following

You could be doing everything right but with a meagre following, you are not going to be taken really serious. A lot of people look at the brand following before deciding to patronize and do business. Throwing a social media contest is a way to grow your brand following; all you have to do is to make the entry qualification a follow for the page. If you are looking at growing your email list, create a social media contest and get people to sign up to your newsletter. You will be amazed at the result you would get.

Increase user engagement

When you have a contest ongoing, there is a lot of buzz around your page and this means that users can easily engage your content. There is no form of social media contest that will not give you some sort of increased engagement. Several people upon finding your brand page will run through and engage any captivating content they find on the page.

Lets go on to the How…………………

Now that you know what social media contests can do for you, how do you properly put one in place:

What are you trying to achieve?

The first question to answer is what you are trying to achieve. What is the long game of the contest? Are you looking at increasing your awareness or to simply grow your following? Just intend to grow your mailing list? Answering this question will streamline your actions and put it in perspective.

Determine the type of contest that can get your result

Once you have decided on what you intend to achieve with the contest, you have to determine the type of contest that can get you the result you desire. If you want to grow your mailing list, the best way to do that is to get people unto your landing page and get their friends to get on your mailing list as well. If you want to grow your following, make following your page a criterion for entering the contest. Your aim and the type of contest are intertwined.

Know your budget and your prize

Many social media contests have ended in brands losing credibility, this is due to either changing the prize promised forehand. Some brands go ahead to cancel the contest as a whole. All of these is inappropriate and that is exactly why you should know your budget ahead of time and that should guide you in making the decision on the prize you will be giving to winners in your contest.

Know your platform

This can’t be stressed enough; not all platforms work the same way and you have to understand a platform before you throw a contest off it. If you are not capable of it, don’t throw your contest on several platforms at the same time. Each platform has its metrics of measurement, it is best you stick to what you understand.


In all, social media contests can help you grow your brand. If you can learn to properly leverage the platforms, your prizes don’t even need to break the bank. Have you ever used social media contest to grow your brand in the past, share your experience in the comment section. Are you looking at using Social media contests to grow your brand in the foreseeable future, get in touch today!