A lot of business owners are on the quest on knowing how to source for the right keywords?

The right business or marketing plan is one that includes visibility on the internet. There are a lot of ways to ensure that your business is visible and seen on the internet. One such way is to make your business visible organically. Not only is this cost-effective, but it is also a way to build experience with your brand and business. But then, the big question still remains how to source for the right keywords.

Keywords are systematic words that search bots watch out for to rank your website or blog. Beyond bots, keywords must be knowledgeable to humans too. This means that your content must be interesting to read and also use keywords to enable bots to read it as well. 


How to source for the right keywords? 


Google is the world most significant search engine; it operates on the system of using crawl bots on different websites. The highest-ranking websites are those with the right keywords, these websites are highly visible on the search engine, and it is the dream of every website or blog to be the first link to pop up on the world largest search engine. 

The power of keyword research lies in the understanding of your target market and in what format they make their search. Keyword research provides you with insights that can help you answer questions like:

  • What is being searched for online?
  • Who are those searching for it?
  • How do they want the information (format)?

Answering these questions means that you know your prospective customers and you are ready to meet them where they are. 

Before you can begin to answer the questions above, you must, therefore, know your customers and prospect. That way, you won’t be answering the question for everyone, you will be specific about your customers. 


What are people searching for? 


People are searching for stuff, the things they need and the things they care about. What people are searching for is a pointer to what they need. Are they searching because they are looking at making a buying decision? Or they want a question answered? There are tools you can use to find out the most searched keywords in a particular niche or industry. 


How many people are searching for it? 


It is not enough to know that people are searching for a particular keyword within a niche; you have to know if enough people are searching for it. The number of people searching for it will determine the reach of your keyword. You will find the appropriate tools to find out how many people are searching for a particular keyword. 


In what format do they want the information? 


Now that you know that several people are searching for particular keywords, you also have to find out the format via which they want the information. In finding out the keywords they search for, you would have found out the channels through which they search for it. Videos, texts, files and other means, it is left to you to use the right channels to ensure that your keywords covert. Remember, it is not just about finding the right keywords; you must also use the proper channels to present the information that contains the keywords.


Now that you have found the targeted keywords……. 


Sourcing for the right keywords is half the job; the other half is to deploy the keywords right. A lot of brands overuse keywords; this makes the content unknowledgeable and forced. You must understand that the use of keywords in digital marketing is a delicate balance between the world of humans and that of machines. You must be careful enough to satisfy both.  


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