Emails- they’ve stuck around for long enough and have proven useful in no little way. You must have used them for official (or even unofficial) purposes. You also must have heard of email marketing and how great it is for customer engagement, but do you know that they can improve your search engine ranking?

Gear up – I’m about to show you how.


Personalize your email content


One way to create great content is to view your content in the perspective of the reader, and not just the writer alone.


As someone interested in digital marketing and related topics for instance, if you see content with a tag such as “12 reasons why your SEO strategies are not just working!” or “The 10 commandments of digital marketing,” it would most likely interest you more than content on, say “where you are missing it in script writing” (if you are not interested in script writing)


With this, it’s good advice that you personalize content based on demographics of those you are targeting. Naturally, the more relevant your content is to them, the more likely they are going to engage, and so when your emails are targeted towards the right crowd, it could lead to users giving you that traffic you so desire.


Here’s another thing you want to do that’d help:


Develop an email list of contacts who are highly engaged, i.e. people who actively use emails – open them regularly, read the content and click through your website. These set of people would most likely search for your content online later.


Email marketing tools like Salesforce Pardot provide you with a lot of tools to measure audience engagement and show you those active users.


Put all your email marketing content on your website

When you are sending articles or blog posts through an email newsletter, make sure you post all of your content to the website than keeping it in email. This is because readers would want to come to your site, but many times when people check their mails, they are not ready to fully engage at that point in time.


What you should do to make your email marketing content stick is to use the right keywords in your email creative.


In lieu of that, you’d want to reverse-engineer your keywords. When crafting your newsletter, think about words your audience will search for online. Use keywords that people would think of.


Include social media links in your website

Using social media buttons in your emails can be great for driving searches and traffic to your website. Here’s the drill – create an email with compelling content and highly visual content, encourage your readers to share it on their social platforms with their own networks, include links that go back to your website, and voila – the traffic comes running!


Conduct testing to try out SEO keywords

You can conduct tests to try out various keywords like A/B testing and multivariate testing. A/B testing involves comparing two versions of an email, while multivariate testing involves using several versions of the email.


With this, you’d get to learn which email content your audience would love and would lead them to search for your content. Many email marketing tools, like Infusionsoft offer these kinds of testing tools.


Build top-of-mind awareness


Now that you’ve seen that email marketing can boost your ranking, it is highly unadvisable for you to throw out as many emails as possible – this would get you the unwanted tag of a “spammer”.


Rather, what you should do to create top-of-mind brand awareness is to adopt email marketing as part of an overall marketing strategy. Successful top-of-mind awareness is when people have you at the top of their mind because they’ve heard about you a lot and already know about you.


To achieve this, you have to promote your brand through different types of content like social media, blogs, videos and as you’ve seen, emails. Include emails as a support for the other things you’re doing.


What are the other things you’re doing? Are they working? If no, let’s show you how. If yes, let’s show you how to make it even better.