Why social media?


The conventional method that businesses use to market their brands and products involves the use of direct and indirect techniques to reach their target audience. These methods are direct and active- all it requires is investing of money, market, and get results. The marketing world has changed of recent, the traditional method that seemed to be effective then is not as it was before anymore.


Hence, the birth of the new-age marketing methods. Few businesses are yet to understand and accept the opportunities that surround social media marketing. While some others have started to harness the benefits it holds. By dedicating time as little as 6 hours in a week, you enjoy improved generation of leads for your business by using social media.


For a business owner that wants to grow and expand, you will have to acknowledge the benefits that using social media offers. By conducting adequate planning and execution of such plan, you can improve the ranking of your business. You can also increase sales, drive more traffic to your website, and increase the rate at which leads are converted to customers. Some of the very popular social media channels that we have include; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Listed below are questions that will help you decide on the right social media channel for your business.


What exactly are your social media objective?

This is the very first and most important question you need to ask yourself. This is because each of the channels provide different results. You should be able to link your channel with the goals you have, if you can’t explain how such channel will help you, it is better you do not adopt it. An example is if a business wishes to increase its brands awareness, Facebook will be the best channel. But if it is to connect with other influencers, Twitter and LinkedIn are the best channels.

What channels are your audience on?

Being able to answer this question will make things very easy for you. You should know the channels where your audiences are meeting. You can’t focus on using Snapchat is your target audiences are women above the age of 60, doing that will be a waste of money and time. If your target audience comprises of younger women, using Pinterest will be the perfect option. It won’t be sensible for you to invest your resources in channels where your audience don’t use.


What channels are your competitors using?

This is also as important a knowing the channels used by your audiences. Monitor the channels used by your competitors, the kind of contents they post, and how they engage with their followers. By knowing the channels used by your competitors, you will be able to know whichever strategy will work and which will not.

What type of content do you want to create?

This question should be really asked as we have different types of content- some of which will work for your brand and some will not. If you wish to go into visual contents, channels like Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr will be perfect for you. Which means we have different content types for each channels. To ensure you find this very easy, you should decide on the type of content that works for your brand most, and the one you enjoy working with.


How many of the channels can you afford or manage?

You don’t necessarily need to restrict yourself to one channel. But if you don’t have the money, time, and resources to manage multiple channels, then you have to go with the one that works well for you.