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PPC advertisement is very effective and every conversion starts with just one click from whoever is clicking. We start our PPC management by knowing those that are clicking, where they are clicking to and, the most important is to know the reason why are they clicking. Marketing Equal Customers has a partnership with Google and our team of Google and Bing Ad-words search specialist are always available to lend their expertise to you no matter the size of your campaign or your location. Understanding your customer from the first click to its conversion with the correct Return On Investment (ROI), conversion and lifetime customer value allows to best manage your campaigns and for you to grow your business.


We At Marketing Equal Customers look at your entire business funnel, starting from finding new opportunities and having to keeping potential customers on the hook to buy from you later. Using every available marketing automation tools, we ensure that no potential leads are lost and your organization will have the full knowledge of every of your customer’s path right from their first ad click to the last dollar they spend. Like I said earlier, PPC advertisement works, it helps your business from all angles including growing your customer’s base, discovering new product opportunities, provision of insights on sales and also aids in your decision to enter new markets



Our research starts with a full review of your past performances which will help us set future performance objectives.

Looking into Keywords

With the help of top leading agency tools, we can get insight into what are the keywords that are working, those that are not and also identify new opportunities to build on

Ad-words Copy

Using available PPC research and SEO insights, effective ad copy that will help increase click through rates and better ranking with Google and Bing will be drafted. As time goes on, we continually try new ad copies and keep your PPC ad campaigns fresh.

Appropriate use of Landing Page

Using the wrong landing page without the proper copy that correlates which each ad campaign can lead to lost revenue and wasted ad spends. We can help your team design or build landing pages that will increase conversions and boost your ad scores.

Analysis of Competitors Search Keyword

With the help of this analysis, we can determine what your competitors are doing, what keywords they are using, how effective these keywords are, their cost and even get a good idea of how successful it is for them. With this data, we become a fierce competitor ready to knock out other competition..

Having knowledge about your Audience Desires

Having knowledge about your customers is a very important step to success. We help discover recent trends and customer habits that can be used to create segments and lookalike opportunities.

Optimization of Cost-Per-Acquisition

With proper cost utilization strategy, you won’t want to stop using us. We accurately review and analyse budget, spend and performance to drive down your CPA and push the gains into new opportunities.

Tracking of PPC conversions

Knowing where PPC conversions are coming from and how they perform is as important as knowing where and how to find them, that is what we believe in. with the teamwork between our team and your developers, we will setup Google Ad-words and Bing tags properly to keep record of each lead and conversion all the way through to your CRM. The next line of action is to know what they’ve done once they’ve converted, who is your most valued customer, those who spend the most and keeps coming back the most. We turn all these data into an opportunity to revise initial lead spends and enhance performance leading to a better bottom line.

Taking care of Lookalikes

Using your best customers to build from both a conversion and performance standpoint will result to more of the same type customers when run through a lookalike audience campaign. With the use of both PPC ads and social campaign tools, we can possibly find millions of similar customers from your own first-party data. In addition with a third-party tool, we can create campaigns which lead to lower costs per conversion and increase revenues by essentially finding your customers before they even search.

Importance of RLSA

With the use of Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) we are able customize your ads for potential customers who have previously visited your site. We make sure that we gain the best conversion numbers at the lowest costs for you. We help strategize your bids, ads and creative to each audience and conversion goal. Imagine what you could do to virtually close a customer knowing they’ve been to your site and are ready to buy. We can!

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We have built a mega PPC campaign with over 43,000keywords for an international retailer driving growth of over 600% within one year. Reducing the cost-per-conversion from $30+ to below $4 leading to over 50,000 new customers

We also rebuilt PPC campaigns for a leading online platform reducing costs by 25% while maintaining the same MQL lead levels

We established a new RLSA campaign for a U.S. client which led to an increase in sales within three months which contributed to nearly 10% of all new sales within one year