The SEO world is one that is constantly on the move. How would you know what works and what will not work? It is not quite simple for entrepreneurs and startup founders who are looking at scaling their traffic and using SEO to further their goal.


With the constantly changing landscape of SEO, what does the future of SEO holds? How can you leverage on the future of SEO and create a future-proof strategy that will help you magnet traffic in a dynamic world of Search Engine Optimization?


Here are the top future proof strategies that you can use in scaling your organic traffic via Search Engine Optimization:


Create Power pages / Pillar pages

In recent times, the search engine giant Google has come to favor cluster topics and has worked to give people results that are the direct answers to questions they post. How can you take advantage of this? Power or pillar pages is the answer to the riddle. Pillar pages or power pages are pages that address a particular topic in-depth.

You can merge all your articles that have ever discussed sales into one huge power page. Let us call it the sales power page. This page will contain the hyperlink to all the other posts you have ever done on sales. This will give the search engine bot more content to crawl over. You can also add keywords to your power pages.


User Experience

Google will rank pages by user experience and how much humans experience it by the year 2023. Create your page for humans first, in the coming years this will be a big deal in Google algorithm. You should be concerned with humans first, once the ranking is over, they are the people who get to read.


Product or tools giveaway

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Definitely not you, not me either.  You can build backlinks at scale by simply organizing a product or tool giveaway. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, just ensure that it is worthwhile. Your organic search will be better for it.


Update your old content

When you have had content up on your website for a bit, it is easy for it to lose traffic. What you want to do is to keep up with it and you will retain traffic. Update pages that are losing relevance, you can even revamp the pages with trending keywords. However, since you are not rewriting the entire piece, it is usually easier, and you can get a whole ton of traffic without trying too hard.


Use long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords are lit, it is not used by a lot of people. Although, they can be really trying, especially if you write your content all by yourself. However, they give you the opportunity to latch on to the specific questions that people are asking.


 Optimize your metadata and title

As part of optimizing your content, don’t overlook your title and metadata description. If you are not sure whether you should optimize or not, you can use clickflow to check if you are on the right path. Your metadata should also be focused on humans and not search engine optimization.


 Host your page on CDN

Using a Content Distribution Network is another future proof way to get ahead with SEO. As time passes by and internet speed becomes even more supersonic, there will be a need for fast loading pages. One of the ways to ensure that is to host your pages on a CDN. That way, you can be assured that whatever happens, your pages can load really fast and add the score to your SEO counts.


Do you know other SEO techniques? Feel free to share with us in the comment below.