Blogging has already become a huge niche for anyone looking to gain traction for their business. There are a lot of reasons why you might want to get a blog for your business, however, the future of blogging is not even here. Isn’t that surprising? There are more than one billion blogs in the world today and we are not even at the peak of the blogging explosion.


Where is blogging going as a marketing channel?

Does it work as a marketing channel?


With the space pretty saturated, with a billion blogs, you have to stand out if you want to take a share of the market. The future of marketing, as seen is digital of course. What role does blogging play in marketing?


Over 20% of your customers will come to your business via your blog. Isn’t that something you should be paying attention to? That is for every hundred customers, twenty of them would come to purchase your goods or service.


How do you position your blog to get the most of the traffic that abounds on the internet? Knowing that blogging is the future of the marketing channel, how can you get the most from your blog?


Start early

Time is a very important factor when it comes to blogging, a blog that was started three years ago is most likely to rank higher than one that was created three weeks ago. A blog that started when the dot com revolution started would have gone into people’s consciousness much more than the one that only started two years ago. As at today, if your business does not have a blog, you have a lot of work to do. The concept of time also explains why some businesses buy blog domains from their former owners.


Stand out

The world of blogging is already competitive. There are over a billion blogs out there already, there will be more. If your intention is to position your blog to make sales, if you are looking to generating leads with your blog, you have to do more than your competition. You must stand out. How do you stand out in this blogging game?


Write for the customer

As we move progressively into the future, the attention span of the average blog reader will reduce. There are more things requiring attention and if you are looking to position your blog to make sales, you have to write for the customer. The logic is to write for robots that crawl your site in the name of SEO. If you are not focused on writing for the customer, it is going to be difficult to get these customers to read your posts.


Find the balance

Writing for the customer does not imply that you should neglect SEO. You just have to find the right balance. You don’t want to cram keywords into blog posts so much that it makes no sense to the human reader. In the same vein, you don’t want to write a superb article that gets no read because your SEO game was not top-notch.


Get visual

The world is still very visual and it is not just videos, think about pictures, infographics and charts. If you are good at creating infographics, you can leverage this to your advantage. If you are not so good at creating infographics, you can invest in it or get someone to fix it for you. Getting visual can help you push your blog to the next level. Infographic and other forms of visuals can help you to appeal to both man and machine. The infographic will appeal to human, the metadata will appeal to the machine.


Do not put all your eggs in one single basket

In the world of marketing, especially when it is futuristic in approach, you cannot just afford to take it as a one-way street. It has never been, and it is not going to be a one-way street. As much as you are trying to position your blog to make sales and market your brand, you must also not relent on building your email list, you should also work on your social media as well. In the end, all of these components fit into each other to help you market even better.


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