Is there more to ranking on Google?


For a business in the twenty -first century, the leverage of the internet is a non-negotiable part of steering businesses to the height of glory. One of the most prominent ways to ensure visibility is via google rankings and search metrics. This is why a lot of businesses write articles with optimized keywords. It is all about getting the very best of visibility. Since variety is the spice of life, several business owners are of the opinion that there must be other ways to ranking on Google.  Let’s take a look at some of these ways;



One of the sure fire ways to ranking on Google without writing a single article is to get started on podcasts. Google has a podcast ranking system and you can easily get more visibility by churning out good, relatable content. Creating a podcast can be as easy as just talking to your phone and each session can be as short as fifteen minutes. That means that you can pre-record your podcasts and post at your convenience.



If you feel that written contents are not doing enough for you or you just want to diversify, one area you should focus on is doubling down on videos. From explainer videos to other videos that are business related, about 66% of your customers are on the lookout for videos. This is why it is such a great marketing idea. Videos can help you engage your audience and get more followers. Why should you throw the awesome idea away if it can also help ranking on Google?


Use guest bloggers

If you are not up for writing, others can still write for your website. You can reach out to professionals in your niche to write for your blog. You should be kind enough to encourage them to share the link to the post to those in their network. Another way to get the right guest bloggers is to assure them that they can lay claim to the content as their original creation. Also, acknowledge them as the author. That way, you can have content on your blog without writing.


Re-optimize old articles

If you have a lot of articles on your blog or site from way back that are still relatable, you can use these articles to improve your ranking on Google. You don’t have to rewrite the entire blog post. All you have to do is to search for the keywords that are trending in the industry and infuse them into the old post. You can raise your ranking on Google through this simple hack.  


Use info-graphics

An investment in Infographics is one that will surely pay off. Infographics are relatable and a great way to pass information across. If you can put in the keyword research that is necessary, you will find your ranking soaring.


Google ranking are much more than writing articles, use these hacks and still rank fine while not writing.