What do you know about social media? In business, we all learn to sell that product that everyone needs or offer that service that everyone cannot do without; absolute necessities.


In a way it helps to reduce the money spent on promotional activities and also automatically attract customers since there is little or no competition. While a few businesses have found their way into the blue ocean of business where these conditions hold true, all of the others are in the red ocean of business. The competition is so fierce and things seems to be slow, that is why you need to try another approach.



What if you find a promotional means that people can’t do without? Yes, you read that right.


Social media is simply something people cannot do without, some fall sick if they cannot access their account for a few days. Why not pitch your tent right there and convert a few prospects? While you may have social media accounts up and running, are you fully utilizing them for your business? How do you even get started?


A fundamental mistake that several entrepreneurs make, especially as small business owners is to mix up their personal social media account with their business account, the incoherence is usually obvious and it is very bad for business. You want to have an account that is focused solely on your business, that would make for a consistent image. Once you have this in place, you can then proceed.


You should choose to build awareness around your business next; how do people walk up to you if they do not know you offer a service? How can people become your customers if they do not know you own a business? Social media increases your visibility and ensures that you reach a wide audience. Define what you want out of your social media effort, this aim determines your social media strategy and how you intend to achieve it.


Now that your social media accounts are running, check through and ask yourself “would I buy from this store or order services from this business?” Answer that question as objectively as possible and recognize what is missing. The holy grail of converting prospect using social media is to communicate authority. When customers get on your website or social media platforms, what would they find? An empty digital front store or a thriving hub? Ask the question and make the adjustments.


It is becoming increasingly fashionable to have bot-controlled accounts, several businesses are also jumping on the bandwagon. Don’t fall into that trap, ensure that your account has a human feeling behind it. A lot of people are more concerned about the human side of your business account and that is perhaps the reason why they will do business with you.


In all, your social media activities should be bringing in clients to you. If it is not doing that, it might be time for you to try another approach. Whatever you do in business should be about getting more customers. For more information and consultancy, please click here.