We all have special holiday plans as business owners, don’t we? A holiday season around the corner means an increase in customer’s shopping demands. And this leads us to local SEO tips.

With the magic of search engines, you’d want to leverage local SEO tips to boost your rankings and generate more online sales within your locality. While you’ll experience more foot traffic in your physical location, there are great opportunities available if you are visible for your online customers. 

That’s why we’ve created this blog to help you. Here are 5 local SEO tips you’ll need for a rewarding traffic this 2020 holiday season:

Update your NAP Information

You think it’s common sense, right? Well, you’ll be amazed at how many local businesses have failed to update and provide accurate details of their NAPs. NAP means names, addresses, and phone numbers, including holiday working hours. According to Moz report, NAPs is among the top 5 ranking factors for local businesses online.

More so, accurate NAP information will earn you your customer’s trust. A visitor will perceive you as unreliable if he contacts you with your NAPs only to find out that you’ve changed location or that your number is not accurate. 

So, you might want to update every information concerning your business across the board (Google My Business, Social Media, and other local business directories online) to increase your rankings and so your local customers can find you easily.

Research your Customer’s Current Needs and Trends

As with every human being, needs vary from time to time. Your customer’s taste can change in just a month or less. To keep up with the trends that shape your customer’s tastes and needs, you’ll run a survey. You might also need to get answers to likely questions your local customers will ask as it concerns your business. Questions like: What product tops the list for your customers this season? What payment option will they prefer? What business hour suits them? 

If you find it difficult to get insight into your customer’s wishes, you can always consult the services of Marketing Equals Customer to help you with the resources.

Optimize your Website Content for Seasonal Keywords

Another useful tip is to optimize your website or on-page content to suit the current holiday season. Using Holiday Keywords is necessary because as your customer’s needs change, their search direction changes too. Your survey data and Keyword research tools will be most essential, so you can see what keywords attract users to your website and what information they seek when they arrive. 

For instance, the trending keyword in your niche for last Easter might have been a “hair scarf,” but it could be a “hair clip” the next season. So, you’ll always need to plan ahead of your customers to serve them their seasonal needs and thereby sustain your relevance. With this, you’ll be optimized and gain more traffic that leads to sales. 

Ensure your Landing page is User-friendly and Appealing.

Updating your on-page content isn’t all that’s needed. If your content is unique while your website or landing page is unappealing and sophisticated, you’re sure to experience a higher bounce rate and reduced sales. Thinking of what to do? Use visually appealing images that communicate your content effectively while maintaining simplicity in your web view. You’d want your visitors to stay longer on your website and enjoy the experience.

Attend to your Reviews Promptly

You can remember how many times you’ve been discouraged from purchasing a product because of a customer’s bad review. It’s the same everywhere. Always monitor your customer’s complaints and questions and attend to them on time. Acting swiftly to these reviews will not just retain your customers, but will make your customers perceive you as customer-oriented. 

You see, there are many ways to attract the traffic you need for your business this holiday season. However, most of them will require professional services if you want guaranteed results. 

At Marketing Equals Customer will help you track your progress and work with the research data you need for results. Click here to maximize this holiday season for your business.