Search Engine Optimization is important beyond every aorta of doubt. It is not enough to build a website or blog for your business with quality content. The most important question to answer must be, “is your website optimized for search engines?” If it is not optimized for search engines, then it is likely your website will yield no positive value for your business. Good contents alone is not enough to garner traffic in this competitive times;

However, not many understand the importance of SEO and how it can yield immense profit for their business. Hence listed below are seven reasons you must invest in Search Engine Optimization. They include,

1. SEO makes your website user-friendly, faster and easier to navigate

Nearly 50 % of consumers expect a page to load within two seconds. The longer the load time, the higher the bounce rate and the lower your conversions. Bill Ross, CEO of Lincoln SEO once said, “There is a running joke in the SEO community that states, “Where is the best place to hide a dead body? On the second page of search results”. This is because “less than 5% of internet users navigate past the first page of the Search Engine Result Pages. In lieu of this, the need to optimize your website and make it user friendly must not be shoved aside.

Search engines indexes optimized websites into their database then serve to the users the most relevant contents based on their search. Getting your website to match SEO standard improves the usability of your website. This is very helpful especially for the fact that internet users are sometimes very impatient. Nobody wants to stay any longer going through websites that are not user-friendly and hard to navigate.

2. SEO Helps to create brand awareness


This has to do with increasing the recognition and acknowledgement of a brand whenever users search for information on search engines. How does it feel if millions of users search the internet regarding a particular topic and your website pops up first? Fulfilling right? If this continues to happen every time, then you are definitely having a place in their heart. Ultimately, this creates a brand recognition for your business.

3. SEO Boosts Visibility and website traffic organically

The term “organically” means boosting website traffic and visibility without paying for it. As earlier stated, search engines serves users optimized websites and indexed into their database, therefore, you don’t have to pay search engines to rank your website; the criteria is to have a website that is SEO friendly. By doing this, you are able to boost the visibility of your website and in turn able to enjoy website traffic organically.

4. SEO is cheap

If you are looking for a cost effective way to boost your business online marketing, then you should definitely consider Search Engine Optimization. If by any chance you need to pay for anything, then it should for the professional services.We are a digital marketing outfit with years of experience and expertise to give you quality service for your money. No matter how excited or curious you are, you need an SEO expert to get this done. It’s about surpassing millions of websites competing for the same spot.

5. Long term benefits

Your information will always remain online unlike other media where advertisements are discontinued when airtime fee is exhausted. Your products or services can continue to yield profit even after a long time.

6. Return on Investment

Without doubt, your investment in search engine optimization promises to be worth engaging. Unlike other traditional forms of advertising, such as television, radio and newspaper, SEO allows internet users to search for services that they need and they are definitely going to really check top ranking websites and purchase from it because another importance of SEO is that customers at times find top ranking websites to be more credible than others.