What’s more with customer experience?

For an organization that really intends to grow, it is necessary to make impact from all cylinders. More so, it is important to fire from that cylinder that consistently works and gives results. There would always be periods when your social media campaigns will be in shambles. That awkward moment when your email marketing will no longer convert as much as it used to. In those moments, you will be confronted with a stark reality- nothing beats customer experience!!

This is the traditional route by which a lot of businesses get intimated with the basics of customer experience. You can change the story for your own business. How about incorporating customer experience into every phase of your business building? Where do you even get started with Customer experience?

Customer experience is usually defined as the customer’s perception and related feelings caused by the one-time or continuous patronage of a brand. The perception is altered by the interaction with the supplier’s employees, systems, channels and products. While a social media marketing campaign can get customers into your store or business premises, it takes a well-thought out customer experience strategy to keep them in there. If you have been losing value customers, you definitely need to check your customer experience. Here are the basics to get you started:

Know your customer

The first step into turning an awesome customer experience into a selling point for your brand is to first know your customers. Brands that know their customers find it easier when it comes to creating awe-inspiring customer experiences. To get this phase right, you will need as much data as possible. Paying attention to the data will help you out in the next phase; Personal preferences will play a very huge role at this point.

Work out your strategy

Once you have your customers persona, it is crucial that you pay special attention to it. Your observations will enable you to map out a very relatable strategy; this strategy must map out all the relevant touch points throughout customers journey through the business. Once these touch points are identified, the onus lies on these points to interact better with the customers and give them the best of user experience. It is also at this stage that you merge the different personas into one single strategy that works.  

Measure the customer satisfaction

You can spend a fortune on customer experience and not get the required results; but how do you know you are getting the results you need? It is imperative to measure the customer satisfaction; from whom else should you measure if not the customers themselves? You can have a feedback form that will enable you measure the customer satisfaction index. The feedback mechanism will also help you to do more.

When everything else fails, when you are consistently witnessing customer churn; the way forward is customer experience. Once you can nail that, you convert your customers into marketers for your brand. People love being well treated and this will cause them to extol your brand, and guess the outcome? More customers!!!