Ever since this whole online concept begun, every goal-oriented individual has desired success. The traffic, customers, top mentions are all a product of a viral campaign.

Success in this journey isn’t gotten on a silver platter. As much as you know, every brand with top mentions from influential websites did more than just desire. Brands termed as successful in the online journey today put in thorough action. That last one is the point exactly- Going viral requires intense action, accurate even! Anyone like others who have gone ahead can lance a viral campaign using these key tips;

Go simple

Science has revealed how subtly viruses spread. These microscopic disease-causing agents only require replication. The process is similar when it comes to running a  viral campaign. Your  brand, project or whatever it is you are scheming to push is the basis and should be kept simple. Who says simple isn’t valuable? Once consumers are aware of how valuable the idea is, boom! They share it with others. This is simply the definition of running a viral campaign.


Pen down ideas

That simple idea surrounding your brand could get bigger. It shows that simple isn’t just valuable, it is also great. For every idea or plan that pops up, do well to write them down. Monitor the written plans also, and be sure to add to them regularly. Sooner, you’ll get to act upon those ideas. Marissa Mayer (Vice President of consumer products for Google), recommends the use of apps like Evernote and WordPress to help monitor ideas and create them quickly. The goal surrounding this tip is to make your project not just valuable, but also desirable. That way, it flourishes.


Choose an appropriate platform

There are many social media platforms with their respective benefits and differences. Before creating a content or design for your brand to run a viral campaign, you will need to decide which of these platforms to specialize in. From Facebook, to Twitter, Instagram and even LinkedIn, viral campaigns just got better. Simply understand what works for each platform, and make your choice based on which suits your brand/project better. (There’s no harm using all).


Understand your audience

Every project has its target audience, and if you desire success in your field, you should have an understanding of your audience. If you’ll be creating contents to optimize your project, then it should sound convincing. Except your content convinces people to share, there’s no success. (At least not yet). Get a representation of your audience and work on a means of relating your project idea to them. Remember, your project shouldn’t just relate to your target audience, it should relate to them significantly. Only then, will they share.



Great performance

This point is just as important. Deficient execution/performance ruins any idea (regardless of how competent). To avoid this, work towards having attractive layouts, elements and designs for your project. Do not neglect good contents either. Your contents and designs could be shared on blogs if the owners find it appealing. The bloggers could however request that you share a story, which they’ll write on and give back-links (to your project/brand).



You too, in turn, can share ensigns or logos of these blogs and sites that helped in discussing your project. Time after time, the good turns revolve, and in the end, the goal (which is to build your project/brand idea), is duly achieved.

There’s no end to viral campaigns. As you develop your brand, you also bond with series of other entrepreneurs, and together, build a reputation. (What a force!) Success gets interesting if only you do what it takes. In this sphere, simplicity, diligence, relevance, consistency and a good execution, does the take off.

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