With years of experience in digital marketing, we have heard from several business owners the frustration of owning a website that is yielding no tangible sales. Sometimes, visitors come to the site but never take any action. This is understandable because with the steep competition for attention, it is never easy to gain significant conversion rate on your website.

In fact statistics show that there are over 1.2 billion websites and there are thousands more to be added. Baymard Institute also explains that the rate of shopping cart abandonment has risen as high as 69.23%. While this is no news to us, we encourage website owners or business people not to ignore the huge benefits that digital marketing platforms like Marketing Equals Inc., provides.




There are so many things that attract visitors to a website. But if the website makes a bad first impression they are not likely to come back. Nothing frustrates a website user like not finding the needed information, dysfunctional buttons and imbalanced elements. You have to pay attention to the site’s usability.




Your audience matters in business. If you are not dealing with the right audience, you will only be frustrated. This can be as a result of targeting and messaging problem. It can also further attract people who have no interest in your services. Therefore, it will be very essential to make deliberate adjustments putting up relevant contents. Ensure these contents are specifically directed at the right audience.



The number of smart phone users continues to skyrocket year-in-year-out. By the end of 2018, statistics showed that an estimated 3 billion people in the world access the internet with a smart phone. You will only be losing out if your website is not mobile friendly and eventual be swept out of business by low conversion rate.



Sometimes, most writers create uninspiring content and often use inappropriate words. Perhaps, they pay less attention to semantics and grammar. How do you write a world-class newsletter that would motivate your readers to take deliberate action on your website? Do you have the ability to write an attention catching newsletter or blog post? It is very important to be able to put up content that will attract visitors and force them to take action. If you have little writing skills, it is important to hone your skill. If you lack the skill, you can get good content writers to create quality content that will not only be inspiring but eye-catching to boost conversion.


Finally, there might be so many ways you are not getting very high conversion on your website. But there is one big way to get it right. If you are ready to turn your business around and enjoy immense turn over with great conversion rate, you are definitely reading the right piece. Marketing Equals is a digital marketing company with the requisite knowledge to turn your website into a high profiting business venture. We help you maximize the very best tools available to us with which you can develop very great websites with high conversion in real good time that will be worth your investment.